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Gretchen Comer

Registered Holistic Health Practitioner 

Registered Metaphysician

Certified Holistic Coach

Energy Healing Practitioner



I'm Gretchen Comer, and I created Spiral Journey to provide services that support the unique nature of you. Discover ways to pause, reflect, relax and recharge, and bring your body, mind and spirit into balance. Through my holistic services you can: activate your spiritual gifts, heal your ancestral line, learn about spiritual topics, increase your positivity and creativity, discover your life purpose, and much more. Come and explore your inner self in a safe space, clear your mind, and discover your wise inner guidance and wisdom. 


My approach involves energy healing and spiritual coaching, which are uniquely tailored to suit your most important needs, and to help you navigate your spiritual path and achieve your goals.

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My Holistic Services

Services provided by a Certified, Registered, Recognized & Accredited Holistic Health Practitioner & Coach

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Raise Your Energy Vibration...

With My Spiritual Guidance E-Book

($5 easy digital download)

What amazing things wait for you
just over the horizon?

Why not find out?

I have been guiding women over the last 25 years,  
and as a result of our time together...

They make strong connections with their inner divinity and spirit guides

They develop nurturing daily or weekly practices to keep them aligned and loving their spiritual self-care

They have broken the chain of passing on ancestral wounds, and cleared their bloodlines of this "inheritance"

They align their heart and souls and find wise guidance and discernment deep inside themselves

They learned empowering tools to clear their energy of what no longer serves their highest good

They have discovered and developed their unique
and powerful spiritual gifts 

They cultivate courage and live their lives with more clarity and confidence

They used their wise inner guidance to create and manifest a life they absolutely adore.

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"If it doesn’t knock you over, if it doesn’t knock your socks off, if it doesn’t wow you, if it doesn’t wake you up in the morning thinking about it, then you’re on the wrong path." Abraham Hicks

Are you seeking more zest and vibrancy in your life?


Do you feel you have a purpose in life,

but not sure what it is or where to start?

Are you already living a spiritual life, but

would like more depth, clarity and direction?

would you like to discover or develop

your natural spiritual gifts?

Do you find yourself at a crossroads

and unsure of which way to go?

Have you gone through a life transition 

and need some guidance?

What's really interesting is that if you talk to your co-workers, friends

and family you may hear a common theme.

Many people feel they don't have the time, strategy, or even the confidence

they need to create the life they dream of having.

Instead, they focus on their limitations and reasons why they can't do it or

why it's not meant to be, often while seeing others do it successfully.

But, you know what? That doesn't have to be you.

If you had ways to access your deepest wisdom


Would you like to know your soul purpose?

Would you like to view your past experiences as vital,

soul-path information instead of pitfalls?


Would you like more clarity, and more confidence,

to start living the life of your dreams?

Would you like to feel confident about using your natural

spiritual gifts to help others?


What incredible parts of you are yet to be discovered?




Why not find out today? I can help.


Access your soul-wisdom and discover your soul purposes

Reduce your stress and anxiety and live life

with more emotional freedom and improved health


Let go of what no longer is serving your  highest good and

regain confidence to take the next steps on your path

Release inherited ancestral wounds that are holding you back

and create the life you were born to live!

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Sessions with me are informal and friendly, and flow at the right pace for you.

I make it simple and fun, so that you can fall in love with the process of

becoming the best version of yourself.

love from my clients

"Gretchen's a wise and authentic healer and she's a much needed bright light during these challenging times."
CC, Virginia

"The validation alone from you professionally has made a huge shift in my ownership (and now excitement) of what gifts I have and can grow/nurture."

RH, Virginia

"To know your purpose is beyond profound…I just feel so reborn, I can’t put it into words your guidance is such a gift and I am so grateful to have you in my corner to help me to be the best I can, at what is being given to us."

SH, Virginia

"I have had the pleasure taking many of the programs that Gretchen offers. She is the real deal. She is truly the best listener I have ever met. Feeling heard allows you the freedom to share deeper thoughts; things that you may not have been able to share with anyone. Her programs are designed to help you to dig deep within and excavate those patterns that are haunting you. True healing will only happen when we have acknowledged our deepest regrets or fears or guilt or anger and done the work to really forgive ourselves. Gretchen is a great guide to lead us through the confusion that may come up along the way. There is no better feeling than to take time for our own healing. Our emotions are always being beaten around and need some good TLC. Be willing to do this for yourself. Just try one of Gretchen's programs to dip your feet in the waters of the healing arts that Gretchen has made her life study. You won’t regret it." 
WR, Virginia

"Having Gretchen’s support has been like having a cheerleader on my side who is always so excited to see me grow. She is incredibly encouraging, intuitive, and gifted at what she does."
MD, Florida

"Gretchen is a love centered healer and a powerful holistic coach! She has helped me to feel whole again and to tap into my inner wisdom and love myself. She helped me heal and supported me so beautifully, I was able to open my Fairy wings again and continue spreading love and magic everywhere. I always feel safe, listened to, loved and  inspired by her! I totally recommend her!" 
LM, California

"I'm very grateful for the Reiki session I had with Gretchen. Afterwords I felt more calm and relaxed and that's a big deal for me."
CC, Virginia

"You gave me strong validation of my not being crazy for KNOWING I have spiritual gifts, and that has helped me tremendously. You even helped me validate what some of those are specifically, and feel many others could benefit from working with you."
RH, Virginia

"I had the pleasure of enjoying Reiki with Gretchen a few months back and it was a very peaceful and enlightening experience. Gretchen has the most soothing voice and I felt completely at ease and comfortable throughout the session. I believe I am still reaping the benefits of the Reiki experience and highly recommend it, and especially Gretchen to improve your quality of life."
JW, Virginia
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Don't forget to claim your
FREE energy consultation!

What's a free energy consultation?

This is a short meeting on Zoom that gives us time to get to know each other. I do not sell or push my services and programs in these consultations. You'll be able to share what you are seeking, get your questions answered, and I'll suggest the services and/or programs that would be most supportive of your needs. 

The 30-minute energy consultation is FREE and you are under no obligation to obtain services with me. 

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